In Her Footsteps

I've been packing to go visit Michelle for her birthday.  The great thing about packing for a trip to visit sisters is you get to pack lighter.  I'll just use Michelle's shampoo, hair straightener, and possibly a shirt or two while I'm there.  

It's a shame we don't have the same shoe size. 

Michelle will be 23 on Wednesday.  She recently transferred to the University of Alabama to major in Psychology.  

It's been ten years since I graduated from the same place.  While I want both my sisters to carve their own paths in life, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't super excited when Michelle announced last spring she was headed for Bama.

It's where I met my husband.  Where I started a TV career.  And where all three of our lives - mine, Jessica's and Michelle's - changed forever.  

By my own junior year in college I was tutoring Jessica and Michelle in my small apartment off campus.  Their battles in a broken childhood left education far behind.  So far in fact that we never imagined a decade later, Jessica would've already gradated from Auburn University.  And Michelle, just a few blocks from where she'd studied from a 2nd grade speller, is now studying and acing college level psych courses.  

She's no longer this little girl in the middle, helping me shove tissue paper into chicken wire and onto cardboard cutouts for homecoming.

Fall of 2003.  My senior year at Bama. 

Fall of 2003.  My senior year at Bama. 

She's now this intelligent, courageous, and kind young woman determined to go as far as God will take her.

Just this summer.  June 2013. 

Just this summer.  June 2013. 

To say she's following in my footsteps is just selling her short.  She's making strides of her own...strides I can only admire from a distance.

That is...until Southwest touches me down in Birmingham...