Overwhelmed in Love

Things are happening in my world.  Crazy things.  Crazy good things.

I volunteer about ten hours a week for one of our pastors at church.  Mainly, I'm helping him organize, but also building a system to make it easier for people to join small groups and classes within our church.  Recently, he wrote me this thank-you note...


It's weird, because it feels like God really is on the move.  

Naturally, He never moves the way you expect...or sometimes wish.  

My book is no closer to being published than it was six months ago.  (Although, some may argue each time you re-write, you get one step closer.  As I stare the screen, type, stare, delete, and type again, I'm not so convinced.  I promised a friend I would be sending her chapters soon to re-read.  Instead, I deleted.  Again.)  

Yet - my world is moving.  There's blessings popping up of the kind I never even knew I wanted.

Like a pastor's note and the possibility of this volunteer gig, leading to a much bigger gig.

Like a new friend, who speaks so much simple wisdom into my life, I'm blown away by her ability to see the truth.

Like feeling like newlyweds again with my husband and watching his own career dreams take off.  

I've been so overwhelmed with the changes, I haven't been able to put them to words.  

I'm still not sure I have...

I just want to sit in some thanksgiving and try not to be afraid of the good things happening around me.

Justs FYI - the verse the pastor gave me is this:

"being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."