The Puppy Proposal

On Christmas Eve a man got down on one knee for my sister Jessica, and asked her to marry him.  

Jessica holding the puppy in the stocking.

Jessica holding the puppy in the stocking.

She had no idea it was coming, even though the two have been dating since high school and she's been dropping not so subtle hints for months.

When she called to tell me the news, the excitement in her voice brought me to tears.  

I wish I could've been there. But she lives in Alabama and I'm in California.  

Fortunately, our other sister Michelle knew it was coming and got someone to take pictures and capture the moment on video.  Still, her fiancé's family and friends were there in full, along with Michelle, and distance kept me away from this beautiful moment.   

He bought a puppy and put in a stocking.  Each year his parents host a huge Christmas Eve party for family and friends.  During the party he made an announcement, telling the crowd he needed to go ahead and give Jessica one of her gifts.  When he walked out with a puppy, Jessica was so excited someone had to tell her to read the dog tag, which read, "Will you marry me?".  You can almost see her shaking in the video as he puts the ring on her finger. 

The ring! I love that it has a puppy hair already on it.

The ring! I love that it has a puppy hair already on it.

I'm so proud of my sister.  She's accomplished so much in her life and she will keep accomplishing so much more.  I'm happy she's found someone to share those accomplishments with.  

Congratulations Jessica!  I love you to the moon and back. 

(Just don't make me wear orange.  Or cowboy boots.  Definitely pulling matron of honor voiding privileges on cowboy boots.)

Click below to see the video of the puppy proposal!