Welcome to No Beauty Queen!

Nearly two years ago, I quit my job to write a book.  That book, is No Beauty Queen.  It’s the story of my first 24 years, of an abusive childhood, a fight to save my sisters, and the agonizing death of the aunt, who first, saved me.  

But that sounds really sad, and if you look at me now, I am far from sad.  Instead, I’m a woman living out her dream in a town with the man she loves, where the temperature never goes below 60 or above 80, and the beach is four blocks from where I sit typing this.  How could I write all the bad (and some of it is really God awful bad) and leave the audience feeling so icky, or worse, hopeless?

I’ve read too many hopeless memoirs.  Memoirs that tell great stories in beautiful voices, but then just end...and you’re left with the feeling that even if it’s a best seller, the author isn’t okay.  

Nothing is really better.

I get that.  

All the grit in the world doesn’t help.  Grit had been my best friend for years.  It fought with me, pushed me, drove me, and eventually, got me out.  But raw grit couldn’t soften the memories of any of it.  It couldn’t make me feel any less damaged.

Grace could.  Grace did.  

No Beauty Queen is that strange combination of grit and grace.  

The dictionary defines Grit as “unyielding courage in the face of hardship, or danger”.  Grace is defined as, “unmerited divine assistance.”  I wouldn’t have gotten this far without a little of both.  

Neither would my sisters.  Neither would my best friend.  

Nobeautyqueen.com is where myself, and these three woman, will share our lives of grit and grace.  Sure we want to share hope, but hope is a fickle feeling, so easily lost.  Grit hangs on by its toenails and grace gives it the strength to do so.   

We’ll be vulnerable.  We’ll be real.  Honest.  Frank.  In a perfect world, we’ll be funny.  We’ll talk about Jesus and, when warranted, use four letter words - sometimes, even in the same sentence.  We won’t talk about politics. (Mostly because Jessica and I would like to keep holiday gatherings pleasant) We won’t tell you how to live, or what to believe.  

Nobeautyqueen.com is here to spark a little grit within our readers, and hopefully, teach us how to be grace for someone else.