Can you hear me now?

It’s been ten years.  Ten years since a judge in a Tuscaloosa County courthouse pulled me from my parents.  In 50 days, I’m going back.  But not to my parents.  I’m moving to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to start my next adventure as a student at the University of Alabama.

I should be excited right?  I mean, I am going to The University of Alabama, the home of the great national champs!  Unfortunately, my excitement is buried underneath a great amount of sadness.  A sadness that has nothing to do with my former parents.


I am leaving a very special someone behind.  Someone, who in the last two and half years, has been my best friend and boyfriend, Kane.  Unfortunately, for us, two different scholarships at two different universities means living apart.

In the last few months, I've lost count of the number of people who’ve told me long distance relationships don’t work.  I give them the classic eye roll in response, because in my opinion they can work.  I just don’t know yet quite HOW it will work .

There should be a twelve step program on how to survive a long distance relationship.  Hello.  My name is Michelle and I am suffering from a long distance relationship.

Even though I am fully aware that I’m one of thousands of other college girls who go through long distance relationships, it doesn’t make it any easier.  Kane means the world to me, but I still have to follow the plan God has laid out for me.  He never said following his plans was easy, only that He'd be there with you every step of the way.

Michelle, in front of the historic Denny Chimes at the University of Alabama.

Michelle, in front of the historic Denny Chimes at the University of Alabama.

Since staying at home isn’t an option, and a twelve step isn’t available, I'm left to rely on my longtime friend, Google and it’s wonderful ‘hangouts’ to get me through the next couple of years.  I will dive into my psychology courses to keep my mind off of how much I will miss him.  And of course, work my butt off to pay for all the gas I will be using for weekend visits.  It's either that, or be left with no choice but to blast Avril Lavigne’s “When You’re Gone” everywhere I go.  And let’s face it, that will be fun for no one.

Still, while part of me might be dreading moving day, I know God has amazing things in store for me.  He’s already held my hand through so many hard times in my life and I know without a doubt, He’ll be there every step of the way through this season too.