The Jesus Job - Part 1

I never thought I would do it.  

Yet, here I am, filling out W4 and direct deposit forms and signing a receipt of the employee handbook.  

I now officially work for a church.

And not as someone who answers phones, or handles childcare, but someone encouraged to have vision and create new ways of thinking and doing.  I even have a title: Connections Coordinator.

My church has anywhere from 1,500-2,000 people attending any given weekend.  With a church this size, it’s not hard to meet people, but it is hard to actually know people.  My job is to help people be known.  I do this, by getting them into a smaller group, or a class, that meets outside of just Sunday morning services.  

I’m perfectly comfortable with my job description.  It’s the church part that’s terrifying.

Let’s be honest, church is not always a nice place and here I am saying yes, please, control my paycheck and make a pastor my official boss.

I’ve certainly had more than my fair share of hurts from churches and their broken pastors.  From the southern Assembly of God pastor who ignored me after my aunt died - he came by the house the night she died and specifically prayed for everyone there but me, and then later at the funeral left me out as one of those “surviving her” in the eulogy - even though he knew she was like a mother to me.  To the pastor who told my husband I was “crazy-town” when we called for marital help, and then spread an untrue and adulterous type rumor to some friends of mine.

Brutal to say the least.

Then there’s that whole woman’s role in church thing.  For two thousand years, a few verses have been used to keep women in “supportive” type positions in church.  Not preaching, rarely teaching, and never leading.  I could work to be CEO of a fortune 500 company, but the church’s glass ceiling is made of solid steel.  That’s probably the greatest reason of all I never would've dreamed I’d take a job at a church.

Yet, here I am.

The fact I never gave up on church is in and of itself a small miracle.  The fact that God showed me his goodness despite the representation of some of his very screwed up people, is an even bigger one.



Stay tuned for The Jesus Job Part 2 - where I’ll explain how this healing happened and why I feel not just safe in my new job, but excited for what it will bring.